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Moo G began one day while out shopping for hair clips for my then nine-month-old daughter. Unfortunately she wasn't born with much hair, so I had to wait until she had some wisps for a clip to grab on to. You can imagine my disappointment on that first shopping trip when I couldn't find a hair clip that stayed in place and wasn't terribly expensive.

My goal was to make a style of clip that would stay in a baby's hair, even super fine baby wisps; a clip that doesn't hurt when you put it on but is still fun, stylish, and comfortable. A clip that is affordable yet made from the highest quality materials with the utmost care.

And so, Moo G Clips was created that very afternoon. Not only are Moo G Clips designed for babies, but they are perfect for little girls, big girls, and even you too! Along with our amazing no-slip grip alligator pinch clips that truly work, I also use excellent quality snap clips in several sizes; therefore Moo G Clips fit in hair of any texture.

Moo G Clips has well over 100 different ribbon choices that are all treated to prevent fraying and a wide variety of appliqués to choose from. Along with our custom ordering at no extra charge, Moo G Clips serves all your hair clip needs!

Thank you for visiting Moo G Clips. New ribbons and appliqués are added frequently, so don't forget to bookmark us and come back soon!

Happy Shopping!

As always, wishing you health, happiness, ribbons, and bows. 

Yours Truly,
Anna-Aliza Rosenbaum


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